Lake Wassookeag Photos 3

This shows another group of photos taken at Lake Wassookeag in Dexter, Maine. They include both sunrises and sunsets and show both Little and Big Lake Wassookeag. Numbers represent 9 photos each.

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Sunrise on Lake Wassookeag with cobwebs
Lake Wassookeag with snow and trees
Sunset on Little Lake Wassookeag
Clouds reflected in Lake Wassookeag at sunrise
Late July Sunrise at Little Lake Wassookeag
Foggy Sunrise over Lake Wassookeag in Dexter, Maine
Early morning sunrise on Lake Wassookeag viewed from public boat landing
Old Tree next to Little Lake Wassookeag in Dexter
Calm Lake Wassookeag in Dexter on foggy morning

Lake Wassookeag, Heart of Dexter, ME

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherKey ingredients to get landscape images that inspire others are time of day, angle of view, composition, quality of light and knowledge of the equipment and principles of capturing correct exposures. Maine offers the creative amateur and professional an incredible amount of places to explore and take last pictures of. If you have some questions about how to best create images, feel free to write an email or a standard letter. I will respond if at all possible.

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