Dexter, Maine Photos 1

This shows photos of Dexter, Maine and several of its historic landmarks in western Penobscot County, part of what is called the Maine Highlands. The following numbers represent 9 photos each.

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Main Street in Dexter, Maine at night
Celebration in Dexter, Maine
View of Main Street from bottom of Zions Hill
Civil War Monument in front of Town Hall
After Midnight on Main Street in Dexter, Maine
Abbott Memorial Library in Dexter, Maine
View of Main Street from library lawn
Night view of Main Street from Zions Hill
United States Post Office in Dexter, Maine

Dexter Maine's Renewed Vision

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherWhat I would like to do is to instill a renewed sense of vision, or a revival of at least parts of the vision that burned in the chests of so many people over the last 200 years who all contributed to create and nourish this place called Dexter, Maine. I will attempt to do this beginning with capturing and publishing beautiful images of Dexter, and the natural landscape that surrounds it. America has lost track of its soulfulness that can only be realized and appreciated at the community level. There was a time when people worked together. They all knew each other and what each contributed. This life had meaning and real value. Destroying small businesses for the sake of the super large corporation has taken an incalculable toll. It is time to take it back!

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