Garland, Maine Photos - Set 1

This series of Garland, Maine photos shows nine views that includes six taken at Garland Pond, the centerpiece of this small Central Maine community and smaller sister of Dexter, located directly to the West.

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Garland Pond at Sunset
View of the damn at Garland Pond and the beginning of Kenduskeag Stream
Twilight falls on Garland Pond in Garland, Maine
Beautiful autumn morning on the Upper Garland Road in Garland, Maine
Calm reflections on Garland Pond
Lovers enjoying a sunset at Garland Pond
The Upper Garland / Dexter Road during Autumn
Reflections on Garland Pond
Autumn colors at Garland Pond in Maine

Garland, Maine Photos – Set 1

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherGarland and Dexter have been joined at the hip for about two centuries. We have a shared history that includes much more than just being geographical neighbors in the Central Maine Highlands. We have shared the toils of hard work, the joys of celebrations, the education of our children, friendships that span generations, and hopes for the future. We also share in the beauty of a State that we are all proud of. It is fitting that we should consider, not just residents of Dexter as being part of our extended family, but residents of Garland as well. I hope that these images will stir good memories in all.

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