Dexter, Maine Photos - Set 3

This series of Dexter, Maine photos shows Echo Lake, formally called Puffer's Pond, which is located near Ridge View Community School on Fern Road and the Garland Road (Route 94). This is a quiet little lake where many generations have first learned how to fish.

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Morning Mist at Echo Lake in Dexter
Autumn on Echo Lake
Fall Season on Echo Lake in Dexter, Maine
Beautiful autumn morning in Dexter, Maine
Early morning light shing through a stand of autumn trees
White Birch trees against a sea of autumn color
A harvested corn field with autumn colors in the background
Snow covered trees after a snow storm
Summer morning at Echo Lake in Dexter, Maine

The Little Lake with Quiet Charm

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherThere have been many generations who have learned the simple pleasures of fishing from the shoreline or from a small canoe or boat on what is now called Echo Lake. When I was young, it was known as Puffer's Pond and still is preferred that way by many. I can still hear the sounds of the frogs and crickets chirping into the night and feel the excitement of the anticipation of finally catching a fish. These were times, not just of fishing, but also of sharing quiet moments, thoughts and memories, with family and friends that last a lifetime. This is what Maine, and Dexter offers. Lets do our best to make sure that it continues by protecting our environment and wildlife for many years to come.

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