Dexter, Maine Photos 3

This shows several autumn images captured in Dexter, Maine plus the Abbott Museum. Numbers represent 9 photos each.

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Antique 1925 Ford Pickup during autumn season
Autumn trees on the shore of lake Wassookeag in Dexter
Gorgeous autumn scene with yellow and orange leaves in Dexter, Maine
Autumn reflection of colored leaves in Lake Wassookeag
Four Season Maine Adventure Trail in Dexter, Maine
A blade of seeded grass silouetted against the setting sun at Lake Wassookeag, Maine
Sunrise on Lake Wassookeag with morning mist over the water
Autumn view of Dexter, Maine from Upper Main Street Hill
Reflections at a cove on Lake Wassookeag in Dexter, Maine

The Heart of Maine

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherThis set begins with an autumn image that includes an antique 1925 Ford Pickup Truck on the outskirts of Dexter. I am surprised at how many people drive by this but hardly notice. It gets like that when we’ve been in an area a long time. The trick is to learn to see again, in a fresh way. I hope that the images I capture and create will aid in this. Image 2 and 4 are autumn images at Lake Wassookeag. Image 3 is a strong and inviting autumn image captured on a perfect fall day with the bright yellow and orange leaves. Image 5 on this page shows the Four Season Maine Adventure Trail that passes through Dexter where the old railroad tracks used to be. Image 6 is a silhouette of shoreside grass at sunset. Images 7 and 9 are at Wassookeag as well. Image 8 shows the Dexter Historical Society Headquarters at Abbott Museum at 12 Church Street.

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