Little Lake Wassookeag Photos Group 4

This shows another group of nine photos taken on Little Lake Wassookeag in Dexter, Maine. This includes clear and calm sunrises and sunsets as well as twilight images captured after the sun had set. These times often have striking colors not seen at other times. Which one of these is your favorite?

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Large boulders next to Lake Wassookeag shore
Rising sun in heavy fog & snow with silhouette of tree at Lake Wassookeag
May Sunset on Little Lake Wassookeag in Central Maine
Many a dream is found on the shore of Lake Wassookeag in Central Maine.
Nature's Winter Wonderland at Lake Wassookeag
This sunrise was viewed from the public beach area on Lake Wassookeag in Maine.
There was a very thick fog over Lake Wassookeag during the sunrise this late October morning.
Calm twilight at Lake Wassookeag in Dexter
The shows a beautiful autumn sunset on Big Lake Wassookeag in Maine.

Little Lake Wassookeag at Sunrise, Sunset & Twilight

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