The Four Seasons Adventure Trail in Dexter, Maine

Beautiful Sunset After November Snowfall

Each November in Maine, hunters hope for a fresh snow. They say that it makes it easier to track deer. I understand the logic. For me, I am hopeful of a fresh snowfall so that I can capture images such as this. It is a rare sight in November. There is a lot of drama in it. Mariners had a saying about it. Red skies at night - sailor's delight!

For capturing images, there can be a challenge with snow. It has to do with how camera meters work. They are programed to make white as if it is a 15% neutral gray. The reason is that it was determined long ago that the 15% matched the average skin tone.

Before there were camera light sensors, people used film. Professionals, especially landscape shooters, used slide or transparency film. There was very little latitude for error as there was with negative film. Consequently, it was a natural for teaching a person the error of their choice of settings. White would always come out much darker than needed unless the photographer knew how to compensate and not use what the meter said.

The cameras and sensors of today, have a backup "brain" that can read and make compensations much more automatic. But, there are still many instances where one should use their creative judgment. A case in point has to do with what is called White Balance. This has to do with the light temperature. And, yes, light has a temperature depending upon its brightness or darkness, among other things. Having a camera always set to Automatic White Balance, without the understanding of what it does, can result in an image without any life or color to it. Seek out this knowledge if you want to get better at it.

Image Specs: Shot November 28 with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV with the Tamron SP 15-30mm F/2.8 Di VC USD A012 Lens at 21mm. Exposure: 1/40 second; f/16; ISO 200

Photo# Dexter-34A1504

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