This shows Mount Katahdin, Maine just as the first light of dawn hits the summit on September 30, 2022.

Mount Katahdin - First Light of Dawn

This shows the moment when the first light of dawn touched the summit of Mount Katahdin as seen from the southern shore of Compass Pond next to the Golden Road. Katahdin is the highest Mountain in Maine and is at the end of the Appalachian Trail. It is in Baxter State Park located in Piscataquis County. The nearest town is Millinocket.

Image Specs: Taken September 30, 2022; Canon EOS R5 with Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM Lens at 60mm. Exposure 1.6 sec; f/16; ISO 100 Hashtags: #katahdin #mountkatahdin #maine

Photo# Katahdin-M1A3050

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